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General Discussion / Re: House Loan
« Last post by marksmith on October 06, 2017, 01:55:46 AM »
Great and well-written information.
I think Bank is the best alternative to get a house loan.
General Discussion / Re: What is Evaluation and When You Need Evaluation Services?
« Last post by marksmith on October 06, 2017, 01:46:08 AM »
Great information.
Really very helpful.
General Discussion / What is Evaluation and When You Need Evaluation Services?
« Last post by 2hengineering on October 02, 2017, 07:13:34 PM »
You would have heard it millions of time that so and so is availing home evaluation service. Not just home valuation, in this world of trade and commerce, business valuation (​​avaliação de empresas) is also a crucial aspect behind the thriving business of real estate. Now, why would anyone pay someone else to evaluate their own property or establishment? The simple answer to that is you never know that how much worth does your business or establishment holds.

As an insider, you just cannot evaluate its worth as you will be taking a lot of things for granted and your approach towards your own property or business would be little biased. So here come the role of evaluation engineers and professionals who do the job for you. They evaluate your residential and commercial space and let you know what exact worth does it holds.

Two of the most basic questions regarding evaluation works are answered below-

What is Evaluation?

Business and home evaluation is a very technical process meant to express the worth of the entity in monetary units. It is such a process that can only be done only by the qualified professionals. Following are the factors that define the valuation process of any residential or commercial entity-

  • Location (land) and Construction
  • Goods and Machinery
  • Other assets and Liabilities
  • Capacity of production and future possible outputs

All of these factors and circumstances (market situation) together determine that what worth does your business holds. Home evaluation (avaliação de casas) and business evaluation are two different processes and therefore factors differ according to the case.

What is the purpose of the Evaluation?

There are a number of possible purposes for an evaluation. Covered below are some of the common reasons people go for home and business valuation-

  • Management selling or renting the business
  • Business valuation information for the sake of trading
  • Annual accounting entries
  • Often finance institutions ask for guarantees and evaluation is the solution to know the worth of your guaranty
  • For insurance calculation

If you also want to evaluate your business or home for any reason, then for the best possible assistance go to 2H Engineering. 2H Engineering is an agency offering property evaluation and appraisal reports to business and home owners. You can call their assessment engineers for conducting a complete analysis and inspection of your business, real estate or home to get an accurate evaluation report.

About 2H Engineering:

2H Engineering is the leading name, when it comes to the property valuation and appraisal services in Brazil. Assessment engineer (engenheiro avaliador) of the company serves clients efficiently for many years.

To know more, visit .
General Discussion / House Loan
« Last post by kathmendez on October 01, 2017, 08:28:40 PM »
I would just like to share my experience. I really need to have my own house ever since I started my career and when I was finally able to save up a little for my downpayment I decided to get a house loan I used this site: to compare different housing loans and they help all throughout the process. Now I already moved in and enjoying my own house. Hope this would inspire yáll.
Great and valuable information.
General Discussion / Re: Cheapest Car Insurance
« Last post by vigattin on September 19, 2017, 01:35:28 PM »
cnu po jan mag papa Quote, pm your, car details.. ;)
Great and well-written information.
Really very helpful for buying a home.
ProVest intends to be the ideal strategic partner for individual and business entities, both local and foreign clients, in real estate. We continuously seek opportunities to improve our processes, enhance our Cebu real estate knowledge, and hire the best people who are committed to give only the best service to our clients. These are the ways on how we can ensure credibility, authority, integrity, and trustworthiness.
Buy / Sell / House and Lot in Batangas, Lipa
« Last post by belleramos on September 13, 2017, 01:27:07 PM »
Project: The Residences, Lipa
Location: Lipa, Batangas

Combining the serenity of nature and elegance of modern architectures. The Residences, Lipa is exquisitely designed for your exciting lifestyle complete,well balanced and within your reach.
Merely a few minutes away from the city proper. The Residences, Lipa is conveniently accessible to various prime establishments–everything that makes life so much enjoyable everyday!

A HOME you can call your OWN
To RELAX away from the busy city

NOTE: Floor plans can be customized as per your design

- along provincial road
- few minutes away from city proper
- near Carmel Church and Mary Mediatrix Church
- a few minutes away from hospitals (like Mediatrix, Lipa Medix), schools (like De La Salle Lipa, Lipa City Colleges), and commercial establishments (SM and Robinsons Lipa)

Please see photo to check sample model with price computation.

You may also visit our FB page:
General Discussion / Re: Hello to all!
« Last post by onlinefoody on September 11, 2017, 11:53:53 PM »
Hi, I'm new here, as well as a new broker.

Hey, I am also new here. Welcome to the pinoybroker
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