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hello everyone! im a newbie in this forum. i know most of u r brokers here. I would just like to ask ano po ba ang effective means pg nagsasaturate ka sa 1 lugar for a real estate project? i have done giving out flyers, perong parang di effective. pwede po b kayo magbigay ng useful tip? thank u po!

try door to door or attending homeowner's meetings...

you can also try newspaper inserts... quite frankly, leafletting is not anymore as efeective UNLESS you are lucky ;)

Seconding door-to-door. Mas effective pag may kilala ka sa village admin na makakabigay ng listing para alam mo na rin yung mga pangalan. Kapag kasambahay yung sumagot, pwede kang mag "Hi, pwede pong makiusap kay Dr. de la Cruz" o ganun. They're more likely to listen, or at least accept calling cards.

Depende rin sa target market mo. Magpakilala ka sa mga banks, etc.

thank u po! i will indeed do your suggestions po. again, salamat po mga brokers.

by the way po pala, may suggestion din po kayo to have a successful investor's night? and our group is also planning to go to Japan to promote our project. Ano po ang mga important things that I need to do mga brokers esp. for those of you who have already been to other countries to do the same? Sana po hindi kayo nakukulitan sa akin. :)


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